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Are you judging your brother?

It’s in our nature to judge others for the mistakes they make. We think that in their position, we would never do the same. In the world, it’s normal to look at others and judge their poor decisions, even if we don’t know the reasons behind them.

The act of judging others doesn’t only happen to unbelievers.

Our carnal nature is always looking to be satisfied, always looking for an opportunity to sin. So sin is inevitable, but it can be controlled if we base our lives on God’s word, feeding our spirit and starving the flesh.

For a believer, the starting point for judging others is when they think they are superior – after all, they have Christ within them. But the fact that we have Jesus in our lives doesn’t make us better than anyone else, we are still sinners, but redeemed sinners. Our actions are still evil and all that is good in us is God. So it’s like an old box that contains a treasure inside, the box itself is worthless, but the content makes it special and valuable.  

Jesus says in his word that on the day of judgement, we will all have to account for our attitudes and the way we have judged others, we will be judged too.

“For with what judgement you judge, you will be judged,

and with the measure with which you have measured they will measure you.”

Matthew 7:2

Sometimes in a Christian environment we find it harder not to judge or to let certain situations go, after all they know the Christ you know and they act worse than you do. But by speaking badly, you’re making your actions the same as theirs, you’re sinning too and you’ll have to give an account to God.

God’s love within us must be real. It must not just be a love of kisses and hugs, but a love that is reflected in prayer, in praying for those who hurt you and fail you.

“But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”

Matthew 5:44

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